Last day in Lima, Peru (part 3)

It was our last day in Lima. We Took a trip with few members of an NGO called “MedLife.” We went to an area where many people live in poverty. Although they didn’t have much of resources, they were willing to work together to lift their community. The reason behind the development that was there was a pregnant lady. She was climbing through the neighborhood and fell, which caused her to give birth very early. after the incident, the whole community decided to work together, with the help of NGOs, to build I stairway for people to use starting from the top of the hill and going down until the end of the neighborhood. The stairway was also a shelter they would evacuate to, if natural disaster happens such as earthquakes.


After the long day with medlife, we went to dinner and It was my first-time trying ceviche, a Peruvian dish. Although raw fish wasn’t my favorite food in Peru, Ceviche wasn’t bad at all! the following day, May 30, was our last day in Lima. I packed my luggage and was ready to explore Cusco! 




I landed at Cusco in the evening. It was chilly with some wind. We took the bus from the airport to a small village in the middle of the mountains, where we will stay for three days with a local Peruvian family. Although the trip was two hours away to Maskka, the view of the dark sky with bright stars was magical! Two hours later, I arrived to Maskka. The night was so dark, they didn’t had electricity, nor phone or Internet service in the village. The weather was so cold in the mountains, and at that moment the only thing I was thinking of was “how am going to sleep in this freezing cold place!” Yet, at the same time, I was so excited for the following day, to see what the village looks like in the morning!


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