How I stay relaxed in a hectic week!

In this crazy busy life, dedicating time to relax is very important to me. I see people cursing, complaining, or having such a negative attitudes daily and I don’t want to reach that level one day. Dealing with a person who is already stressed out is scary. However, giving people excuses when they behave poorly sometimes, is a must. Every person has different struggles!
Although I am not as busy as before (Thank god!), I manage to find some ‘alone time’ and distract my brain away from ‘what I must do’ to ‘what I love to do’. As I mentioned million times before, I like to read! I try to read whenever I have the chance; books, articles, posts online, listen to audio book while driving, anything that shifts my focus away from my daily tasks. With it, I refresh my brain! writing or communicating with people, is a stress relief mechanism, too!
Another thing I do is meditate. Since I’m Muslim, I pray five times a day. I make sure I separate some time daily to pray. It helps me to stay connected with my creator and reflect on my personal development and my life in general. On my free time (usually but not necessarily, weekends), I practice my hobbies! They doesn’t have to be related to my work, it can be as simple as learning a new recipe! It keeps me emotionally balanced, and boosts my productivity during the week!

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