Why I enjoyed living in Washington, D.C!

December 2015, I was living in Indianapolis at that time and was planning to visit my friend in Washington, dc for the holidays. I knew It was going to be an exceptional holiday because I was very excited to spend few weeks with my friend in Washington. At the end, that trip was beyond my expectations! In fact, that experience motivated me later on to live there for few years. One, It was because I felt in LOVE the city. Two, December was (and still is) my favorite month of the year. And three, I needed a break away from the freezing winter in Indianapolis, and Washington’s weather is perfect for me!



lincoln 2

First, let me explain why I personally love Washington, dc. It has several museums and art galleries. Plus, the city is extremely rich in history and culture due to the people of dc comes from various backgrounds. As a person who enjoys art, history, and culture, Washington was one of my top three options to visit! You could explore the Lincoln memorial area, Thomas Jefferson memorial, The White house, The Washington monument and much more to see there! These type of places are not only suitable for individuals, but also for all ages and types of activities. There are tourists visiting, cupules or families. You would see runners and athletes working out near the Lincoln memorial. It is amazing to visit these areas even if it was just for a walk.


Another thing was, December is ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ at least for me! Although I wasn’t born in December, yet this month had brought me many joyful times with it, almost every year in the past ten years! However, I am not a huge fan of winter and cold weather, but I do find it very pleasing to go out and watch the lights everywhere. It feels though as if the entire world is celebrating the end of the year regardless of our religious differences and beliefs. And, I liked that coexistence concept in Washington.


Lastly, the weather in Washington isn’t too hot nor too cold. It is just perfect! Normally, cool breeze during fall and spring with occasional humidity in Spring season. For someone who grew up in Saudi Arabia, which is a very hot and dry climate, living in Washington was satisficing lol!


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