3 Foods to eat when you get infected by COVID19

It is well-known now to everyone, Corona virus is a global pandemic. Up to this date, more than 10 million cases of covid19 have been reported worldwide. And although the disease is very contagious, majority of infected cases have recovered from it with in two weeks; even though there hasn’t been any vaccination nor medication discovered for it yet. As a public health specialist and someone who was one of the recovered cases, I would like to share some of the healthy tips and foods that helped me throughout my recovery.

(Disclaimer: These recommendations aren’t a treatments for covid19 nor were they emphasized specifically by any world health organization. These are a collective of tips from my personal experience and my knowledge As a public health specialist. I strongly recommend you consult your doctor first to make sure they aren’t conflicting with your health by any way.)

1- Saussurea costus Roots

Saussurea costus is a type of plant used in Indian traditional medicine. It has several health benefits for the heart, the Lungs and the intestinal diseases. (Here is a link for further information about this plant) As for the purpose of this topic, I would only highlight its benefit for the respiratory system. Saussurea is good for healing respiratory infections such as Asthma and Bronchitis. Additionally, like honey, It contains antibacterial properties; which is essential for reducing bacteria in the upper respiratory tract.

First, grind the roots of the plant. Then mix the powder with olive oil (1 tsp for every 2 or 3 tsp of olive oil) and use it as nasal drops until you see health improvement (2 drops in every nostril every night). I personally used it for 2-3 days and have seen major improvement in the first two days. If you experience any tingling in your throat, itchiness in your nasal cavity or sneezing, it is totally normal. I have experienced tingling in my throat and felt my ears were clogged the first time I used this method. You may also have mucus in your throat or/and nose the following days, which is normal and a positive sign actually of the effectiveness of it.

2- Honey.

Honey is very good for healing during illnesses due to it contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.(1) I was consuming one tsp of honey with hot Black tea almost every day. It helped moist my throat and reduce my cough. With that been said, I don’t recommend consuming large amount of honey due to it contains high amount of sugars which differently affects the level of blood-sugar for people with diabetes.

3- Foods that contains Zinc.

Zinc is one of the necessary minerals for maintaining a good health; specially for its nutritious value for immune system, wound healing and reproduction of cells. Consuming enough amount of Zinc everyday, either through food containing Zinc or through supplements, is important when infected by Covid19. There are many foods are high in Zinc such as Oysters and shells seafood, Beef, Chicken, milk and cheese. You can also get it from a vegetarian source such as Beans, chickpeas, almonds and cashew. When I was sick, I was eating chicken soup almost every other day for dinner because it helped me enormously before with flu and cold, and it was as beneficial with covid19.

Now that you learned about some valuable foods you can eat if you got infected with The Corona virus; let me know in the comments if you have any questions about any of them. I would also love to hear about your personal experience with Covid19 (if had one), and learn about your own methods. Yet most importantly, Stay healthy and stay safe!

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