A trip to Niagara Falls

With over than 50 meter in vertical height, 27 kilometers long, and 3 group of waterfalls, Niagara Falls have captured many people’s attention worldwide. The falls are located in Niagara county, New York, and is a collective of three waterfalls, the Horseshoe falls, the American falls and the Bridal Veil falls. Further, millions people travel to the United States annually just to see this aesthetic place! And like many, I had the opportunity to visit too. Let me explain some of the amazing locations and activities at Niagara Falls!
After few months of moving to d.c., I decided to go on a road trip with some friends from Washington, D.C. to Buffalo, NY. Traveling during October was a wonderful experience itself! It didn’t expect to enjoy the road this much, national forests during this time of the year in are spectacular. We crossed the states though VA, D.C., MD, PA, NY; passing by Allegheny National Forest in Pennsylvania. The road wasn’t a one day trip, So we had to stop few times to rest. To be honest, I couldn’t hide my excitement every time we stopped in a place surrounded by nature or street art!
Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset
We arrived on the second day. Surprisingly, I didn’t expect the weather to be that cold! Back in Washington the weather was cool (lesson learned: Make sure to check the weather in advance so you don’t need to shop for any extra things!)
Anyway, you can visit the falls at the Niagara Falls State Park. The park was established in 1885, which makes it one of the oldest parks in the U.S! There, you have multiple activities to enjoy. For example, there is The cave of the wind, which is a wooden walkways next to the falls. Getting very close to the waterfall was interesting. It brought so much memories from my childhood. It reminded me of the time when I used to play under the rain. (Click Here for a short clip)
Another activity there was The Maid of the Mist Boat Tour. It is a tour on a boat where you would get close to the front side of the falls. The water that is falling can be felt from the boat (Yes! The closest you could get to the falls!) This activity is great for people who are adventures. My only suggestion is making sure all your electronics are water resistance; otherwise you won’t be able to capture memorable pictures ๐Ÿ˜‰
Here is a video of the view from when I first arrived. You can also see ‘the Mid of the Mist boat tour’ passing from far!
The last spot I recommend is the Luna Island. Photographers will LOVE this place! It was the perfect spot for taking photographs of the area. It was few minutes away, in walking distance, from the visitors center. Here, you will have all the beautiful angles to shoot your pictures! Most of my photos were taken here at Luna Island. (click Here for a short clip)

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset
At the end, these were some of the activities you could find there. As for other activities you can enjoy at Niagara Falls city, I recommend The helicopter ride at Rainbow Air Inc. I’ll end this post with a short video I recorded while I was on one ride above the falls. Here

17 thoughts on “A trip to Niagara Falls

  1. My brother lives in Buffalo, NY so whenever we go over there, we venture over to Niagara Falls. It is always cold over there for some reason lol! But the water feels amazing! Thanks for sharing – Josie xxx

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  2. hello, haifa. and thanks for the nice article. great piece of work, as always. my brother lives in toronto, he brought us to niagara one time my wife and i visited him there. your article brings back wondrful memories of those times. thank you!
    and thanks too for visiting my blog. well appreciated.

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    1. Hello Charly! Thank you for your lovely comment. I guess we have similar purposes to visit this amazing place. You went there during a family visit to Canada and I went there to celebrate my birthday with my friends! ๐Ÿ˜€
      Though, I have a strong belief that memories are made with the people we love and then the places we visit. Niagara Falls will always be a great memory for both of us, don’t you agree! ๐Ÿ™‚

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