2020 is the perfect year to count your blessings

This year, if you feel healthy, your family and friends are healthy, and you have a secured job, you are happier than Millions of people around the world. Thousands have lost their friends due to coronavirus, or waiting for loved ones, hoping, they would leave the ICU any minute. After having a refreshing conversation on the phone with my friend, I felt grateful for having at least one person whom I can call and talk to whenever I wanted. Counting my blessings and being grateful to Allah for them has brought me more happiness. I was having a good time talking to my friend, laughing on silly daily stuff, not worrying about money or losing a family member. I felt this overwhelming feeling of comfort. Alhamdulillah – Thanks to God – for everything I have. I have everyone around me and I have everything I needed ❤

_ _ _ _ _

*Wednesday favorites*

Fav Music: Here!

Fav Netflix Movie / Series : “Somebody Feed Phil” ~ 2018 ‧ Documentary. 46 minutes – 1 hour.

Fav Book: ” The Alchemist”

Novel by Paulo Coelho

Phone Wallpaper of this week: 


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