5 Things to pack in your carry-on for long flights.

Anyone who travels a lot, has a list of essential items (Other than the regular daily routine) they take with them on their carry-on. However, each traveler has a different opinion on what’s necessary and what’s not. For me, someone who has been on long flights for several years now, I almost never travel without few important items. So, here are some of my personal suggestions, if you are planning to go on a long flight:

1- Personal or daily Medications

As a public health specialist and a traveler, I can’t emphasize this enough! This is the most important item/items you should have with you on your carry-on. The last thing you need during your trip is to get sick in a country you might be visiting solely or for the first time. In addition, some countries have poor health system, which you may end up paying more than what you have planned for just to get decent healthcare service. Another point to focus on, if you have a chronic illness such as Asthma, you might wanna check with your doctor before traveling incase you needed to have extra medication with you.

2- A change of clothes

I will tell you a little secret of mine, I never travel without having a full-set of change or two! And the reasons why, I never know where I might stay! For example, one time I had a flight from The United States to Saudi Arabia. The total journey was 17 hours flight, including two connection flights one at New York city and the other one at Dubai. Unfortunately, due to a snow storm, my flight from NYC got delayed for about 3 hours, which extended the arrival time few hours more. Such things happen all the time for travelers, therefore I take extra clothes with me in case of emergencies like this one. Another reasons, I normally change my outfit after taking-off. If you’re like me, I always like to dress nice at the airport regardless of where I’m heading to. And dressing nicely may not be necessarily comfortable, specially if you’re on for a long flight! Thus, feeling comfortable while keeping my outfit clean for when I arrive to my destination are very important.

3- Personal care items

Some flights I have been were 30+ hours total. Generally speaking, it is substantial to maintain a good health at all times especially if you are traveling for 12+ hours. And to keep personal hygiene and the body in general clean and healthy, I use wet wipes. I would recommend taking a pack of wet wipes, or maybe two just in case you needed an extra one, for what I call “Dry shower!” Any brand could be good, yet I personally use Summer’s Eve Cleansing Cloths!

4- Pair of socks, a scarf/ light blanket and a sweater.

If you’re like me, I get cold pretty often. I remember an incident that happened with me and my sister, while we were traveling from Chicago to Miami during an early spring. The biggest mistake I made was wearing a thin layered skirt at the airplane. After the plane took off, temperatures got cold inside! So I asked the flight attendant if they had any light blankets but unfortunately they didn’t because it was a domestic flight! Since, I never left home without a light blanket/ scarf or a sweater in my carry-on just in case I needed an extra layer of fabric.

5- Reusable water bottle

Lastly, I advise you to take a reusable water bottle with you instead of a plastic one for many reasons. One, you should keep your body hydrated through drinking enough water even if you’re traveling. Two, during check up points at any airport in the world, travelers are not allowed to carry more than 100 ml of liquids on their carry-on. Therefore, if you had a filled plastic water bottle with you, TSA employees will ask you to discard it before boarding a flight. Which also takes me to the third reason, reduce plastic waste. Discarding your plastic water bottle and not having a reusable one, will make you use more of plastic containers during your entire trip. And to keep the planet safe and green for you and your future generations to enjoy, Kindly I ask you to consider reusable items during your Amazing trip! ๐Ÿ™‚

16 thoughts on “5 Things to pack in your carry-on for long flights.

    1. I totally agree! Wearing a mask now is very important when traveling. I haven’t traveled yet since the pandemic situation that. Ust be why I forgot to mention it. Thank you for adding it. ๐Ÿ™‚


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