My Yin and your Yang!

In Chinese philosophy, the ‘Yin/Yang’ concept talks about finding balance, or creating it, in order to get to satisfaction. It is represented by half bright and half dark circle, with a dot in each side of the opposite concept. In other words, nothing you encounter in life is fully bright and positive, or dark and negative. You will always find yourself in a fifty-fifty situation, Always! And only with the type of mindset you have and the type of reactions you give, your satisfaction of yourself will follow accordingly. Up until this week, someone told me about how they are amazed by how satisfied and happy I am most of the time. It is not the first time someone gives me such comments. for example, I was questioned before about the strategy I use because they believed that life was treating me right by opening its doors for me wherever I go. The truth is, life is not always babies, puppies and everything nice! If only they knew how hard I had to fight to reach this level of calmness and satisfaction about myself. How I sacrificed to pass through dark clouds to get to the ‘rainbow’.

The bottom line is, my circle may not be like yours. In order to find balance, you have to search for what sparkles joy in your soul and completes your emptiness. look for what makes you wake up every morning feeling excited and motivated to accomplish one step towards your ultimate goal, and do that! Even if it meant for you to take the long way to get to your destination, you will most likely reach something good at the end of this difficult road!

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*This week’s favorites*

Fav Netflix Movie/ Series: ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’
~ 2015 ‧ Romance/Drama ‧ 1h 59m
Fav Book: ‘The 10X Rule’ By Grant Cardone
Fav Phone Wallpaper:

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