Visiting Luray Caverns in Virginia.

Part of my journey exploring Virginia, I wanted to visit Luray Caverns in the north west; since I found out about this mesmerizing place! It is the largest caverns in the east part of all the U.S. However, once you go there, you will discover that the caves are actually underneath the ground in length. It was discovered few centuries back when earlier sailors arrived in America. Still, scientists didn’t realized it was under water until later after they found evidence of rock formations of fish shapes and sea creatures. It was defiantly one of the memorable experiences I had, especially visiting a cave with remain evidence of a different era!

The location of Luray Caverns is an one hour and half drive from Washington, dc. I went there with full confidence that it was going to be superb because I was excited to cross the Shenandoah national park. Furthermore. Luray, the entire town was actually an area under sea water thousands, if not millions, of years ago. Therefore, after me and my friend arrived there, we were amazed by nature! It was also during summer, the park was gorgeous! On the other hand, what was very surprising to me was the humidity of the weather at Luray, even though its location was no way near an open surface water! I figured it must be the humid air inside the caves that might affected the outside weather, maybe!




Anyways, walking inside the caves felt like walking on the moon or walking inside the deepest ocean yet there were no fishes, no sea life and no water! Everything around me gave me the ocean vibes, where I forgot for a moment there I was actually on land! Due to the all of it was under water as I mentioned earlier, the smell of Iodine and some minerals such as Copper and Sulfur was fairly present. Not only will you feel like you were somewhere inside the ocean, you will smell it and see it, too! There was also water inside the caverns in some areas. I assumed the water was highly contaminated or toxic due to large amount of minerals and salt, but I guess I was wrong! I haven’t tested it, but just by looking at it, it was crystal clear; pretty weird in a positive way!

Time flies faster than I thought! After exploring this surreal place for about two and a half hours without noticing myself, I had to hit the road back to Washington, dc. It felt like I was exploring on another planet, Mars or something. Without doubts, I highly recommend including this place in your ‘places to visit’.

Here is a link I shared on my IGTV last year of Luray Caverns, enjoy!

24 thoughts on “Visiting Luray Caverns in Virginia.

  1. Haifa, your photos of Luray Caverns are spectacular! Your post brought back wonderful memories for me. Thank you.
    I lived in the Shenandoah Valley and the mountains near Shenandoah National Park from age eleven to age 35 and have hiked all over the park, especially the waterfall trails. That is a very special place for me. If you are interested, there is a poem on my website with beautiful pictures of Shenandoah National Park. It is on the “Excerpts, Life in Inspiring Places” page, and you can click it on the menu.
    I have been to Luray Caverns several times. There is a carillon tower in Luray. If you are ever in Luray again, you might want to attend a carillon concert if they are still going on.
    After Virginia, I lived in DC for 8 years before moving to Florida in 1995.
    Thank you again for a wonderful post! All the best! Cheryl


    1. Hello Cheryl! I am glad my post brought back beautiful memories ☺️ Ever since I knew about Lauryn Caverns, I wanted to visit so bad but I was busy with school (was a student at GMU!) Immediately after graduating I went there and was surprised that it was even prettier than I thought! The area as a whole took my breath away, honestly. But I couldn’t stay longer there, unfortunately and had to explore it very quickly. If I had the chance to visit the DC area again, I would definitely go back to the Shenandoah Valley to explore it more. It would be great if I could attend a carillon concert, sounds exciting!
      Thanks for your comment, it truly made my day. I will also love read your poem as soon as I can, thanks for letting me know about it. Have a great day! ☺️


  2. your photos bring back so many fond memories. i was there some 20 years ago, when i was sent for schooling in ft lee. our gracious hosts in the US army would bring us to wonderful tours, among others , to shenandoah valley, to the luray caverns and more. i will always cherish those great memories.

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  3. wow,thats great,Hafia!
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    1. That sound intresting! thanks for suggesting it. As for now, I am currently working on few projects which are taking most of my time, to be honest. Therefore, I apologize to you but I will have to decline your kind offer. Defiantly, I would contact you whenever I am able to do so though. Again, thank you for offering the idea, regardless.

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