Review: The Wharf DC!

The wharf is a waterfront neighborhood in southwest Washington, dc. The area was originally a fish market due to its proximity to the Potomac River. Yet, it was later developed into a sophisticated location and opened in 2017, gaining it’s popularity for its beautiful markets and overall atmosphere. It is an area where every member of the family could enjoy their time. You see kids running around playing at the bridge, cupules enjoying the view of the sunset near the water and friends hanging out at one of the coffee shops. It is truly a great choice, if you wanted to go out but not sure where to go.

I was first introduced to this place with friends. While I was there, I was informed this place hosts carnivals, evens and set activities depending on seasons. For example, my visit was during Nov 2018. and it was the “pumpkin spice and everything nice” season 😉 Me and my friends picked seats around the fire which was close by the S’mores truck! With that been said, I would have to say The Wharf is a little expensive, if you didn’t know how to spend your money wisely. Thus, I have few tips to share, in case you planed to visit once.

One, I would highly recommend using local transportation or an Uber drive to go there. Or, if you are going with friends, you could share the ride due to parking  at the garage (which you would most likely end up using) is pricey. As far as I remember, privet parking at the garage was around $30 per day! Second, most restaurants there, if not all, are $$$$, $$$ or $$. So be prepared for that if you are planning to grab a bite at any. Lastly, I would encourage you visiting during a festival or an even, it’s a lot fun and there will be many of activities to do there! 🙂


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