Life Update: Relationships, job and traveling!

Lately, I have been working on self-development a lot. After getting infected by covid19 and recovering from it, I started thinking about my life seriously. It was truly an eye-opening experience for me in every level. What am I doing? What do I wanna achieve? and with whom I what to celebrate my success and journey? All of these questions started rising in my head and it made me explore my deepest thoughts. Maybe because of age (will be 31 next month), I started evaluating life from a different perspective, aiming for different life goals. My best friend, who both of us live thousands of miles away from each other, told me that she started noticing difference in me. Truthfully, I am grateful for having my best friend all these years by my side, out of all of the people I was friends with, she is always there for me. Even though I was living in the United States and she is still living in Japan, we kept our friendship until this day. It is nice to have true and close people through your journey in life, through the ups and downs.


new me

Anyways, I graduated last year and immediately started looking for opportunities in the U.S. I was searching almost everyday, yet all doors were closed. Mostly because job opportunities required citizenship, which I didn’t apply since I was a foreigner. Therefore, I had to return home, Saudi Arabia, after two months of intense search without any luck! It was discouraging, honestly, to get hit by rejection because of issues that were out of my hands. Nevertheless, I kept thinking that ‘with every difficulty, comes ease!’ I preferred to stay positive anyhow.
Since I returned home, I kept searching for opportunities. I was was luck to find a small organization dedicated for education and leadership for children ages 5-16 in the Himalayas. Thus, I contacted the founder and organizer of this organization and the trip was scheduled for summer 2020. What haven’t aligned with my plans, the global outbreak of the Corona virus! It flipped my entire world upside down. I had to cancel my trip to India and postponed others to further dates. Hopefully traveling will be safe next year!

As for my job, I started blogging ‘as a career’ last May! Two weeks later, I got a job offer as an executive assistant in a startup company and was hired by the end on the month! Working as an executive assistant and a blogger at the same time is exhausting, I won’t lie! however, now with the pandemic and millions of people are losing their jobs, It made me appreciate the opportunities that I have. Managing two jobs at once takes a lot of effort and time, specially that I work week days and weekends, still I am thankful for both opportunities.

Overall, I feel this year was challenging, both emotionally and physically. I had to overcome lose of loved ones. Some relationships were ended, too. However, I have learned enormously about my deeper self. I gained new relationships, worked (still working) in two jobs, survived covid19 and feeling healthy, there are a lot to be grateful for. This year taught me core priorities in life which are health, family and financial stability. Theses are all blessings I haven’t paid attention to very much before 2020. I am blessed and grateful for everything.

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