The end of Summer 2020

For as long as I can remember, I love going to the beach! Despite being born and raised in Riyadh, the idea itself excites me! I remember going to the Red sea when I was a child, and having this endless joy until we retune back! I also remember when we used to visit my Aunt in Dammam (at the east coast). It was like going to Disneyland! However, my admiration for nature has grown significantly after me and my family moved to the United Sates in the 90’s. We used to live in Colorado for a substantial amount of time. And during that time, I remember this one trip when we went to California for a week. To a child, the ocean was extremely wide open (I mean, it still is but you got my point lol!) and dipping my toes in the pacific was an unforgettable experience!

Moving on, after this stressful months, plus having double the amount of work I used to have the past three months, what better way to release stress than to go for a weekend close by the beach! With international traveling being still suspended, I had to explore my country in a ‘No plan’ plan. I wanted to go with the flow, wherever the road takes me, not planning for anything except for my stay. My trip was very short, but I tried taking advantage of it to the last minute. I went to the east cost of Saudi Arabia, where history was created! Well, actually history on this land has been created many times in several locations, starting with the birth of Islam in Makkah on the west coast, but what I an talking about here is the discovery of oil in Saudi Arabia. Oil was discovered here at the east coast in the 1930’s. And since, this country has been the world’s largest producer of oil.

Having adventures mood that day, I searched for a remote area hoping I could find somehow an “unpolished” locations! Few minutes later, I was thrilled to find a peninsula in the Arabian gulf! So, I head straight there without hesitation! Although the location urban, the beach wasn’t heavily used by residents living near by (according to some reviews on google!) It wasn’t long until I found myself arriving there. Then, I got lost in this scenic scene..

I was the only one on this raw beach, and two other guys I could see from very far away! Although it was 12 in the afternoon, the weather wasn’t hot very much! In fact, it was shockingly amazing! I didn’t expect it to be this good, despite the fact that It was 45 C! However, because of the strong waves, the wind was cooling the area making the overall atmosphere bearable. As my brother said, it felt like eating an Ice cream in a hot day. Everything felt perfect.

Now, if everything was good on the shores, why not drive further and explore more! We continued driving and found this! There was a walking road alongside the water and a playground for young children, too. I would say, it was a comfortable area for families of all ages. It was specially great for parents who would like to enjoy their time where they could hear the sound of the water yet not having to worry about their children going far.

With all this amazing view in front of my eyes, I felt like a child again! I was busy playing in the water as well as capturing photos and memorable videos. Though, I paid the price high the following day! – Clearly I was preoccupied, I got sunburnt all over my arms without noticing it until I returned to my hotel. It wasn’t a light burnt, I got roasted like a potato chips!

Generally, It was a nice trip. Though it was very short, it was soothing. It recharged my soul, got me refreshed and ready for the next week! I returned to Riyadh seriously thinking of going back again, whenever I felt I need to getaway sometime.

31 thoughts on “The end of Summer 2020

  1. कहते जल है उसको
    जिससे शरीर बना यहा
    जल से जल मिलता हैं तो
    आत्मा खिल जाती हैं यहां।।

    आनन्दीद हो जाता तन मन
    जल से जब खेले वहाँ
    जल भी अर्पण करता मन को
    समर्पण करता हैं वहाँ।।

    It is called water
    That made the body here
    If we get water from water
    Souls blossom here.

    Body becomes happy
    When playing with water
    Water also offers to the mind
    Surrenders there.

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    1. I understand. I wrote the answer to this issue in my previous comment. If you’re still having the issue, please let me know. And, I very much appreciate you tell me about it, thank you 🙂


  2. Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog! I liked this post, very nice. Just wanted to tell you your link in your profile is out of date. You have I believe it should be Best regards, Phil

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