Success is relative, and that is okay!

Before starting my blogging career or even just writing in general, I hesitated and was doubting myself. “what if nobody wants to read my articles.” “what if I wasn’t good enough.” and a long list of what if’s. Let me tell you, this was 15 years ago, and I am very proud of myself for taking a step forward at the time and started writing despite my uncertainty. As humans, we tend to undervalue our abilities. We look at success as this shinning star in the sky, very pretty yet very far from where we are standing. We also tend to compare ourselves often with others on social media. “If I had the money, if I had the perfect body, if I can succeed.” Well, guess what, they aren’t impossible to achieve!

I was listening to a podcast the other day, and the podcaster was talking about success. They mentioned a very important statement, which was “Success is relative, and that is okay!” It was right on time for me, and I wished I could thank the podcaster for it. I can’t agree more with what she said. It is true, success has many ways. Additionally, how you think of your own success, in my opinion, determines how far would you go to reach it. If you thought you will succeed, you’re most likely will, according to many psychologists. I enjoyed the podcast, therefore, I gathered some of the major points that were mentioned and gave my personal take on them.

There is no right or wrong.

Going back to my teenage years, I might disagree with this statement. But now, as an adult who accomplished and took risks so many times, I strongly agree with it! Few articles I have read in the past were unintentionally passive. When I think of success, it is very unreasonable to define it in one small box. Every person’s success story might be different. There aren’t right or wrong ways to reach personal goals. Plus, the tools one individual has may not be accessible for another individual.

You decide what success looks like to you, and how you define success from your own point of view.

To some, success means going all in or nothing at all. To another person, success is progress through timeline. As I mentioned in my previous point, the path that leads one person to their goals might not be available to another. For example, continuous growth means success to me. Or, at least it means I am moving forward from where I am now, one step at a time, to where I want to be tomorrow. My sister on the other hand, defines success as a strong beginning. To her, starting big means big achievements.

Common mistake, aim for a version that doesn’t represent you or fit with what you know. (formed by your parents, community etc.)

One story jumped in my mind right after hearing this point, the story of one of my relatives. She is a hard-working women, probable one of the creative and hardest working people I’ve known. She would give 100% effort without any doubts, when she believes in a great idea. However, she has failed multiple times in several projects in the past. One of the issues I believe she has, she cares very much about what her society thinks of her work. As a result, she keeps failing in her projects because she was trying to satisfy the outside world (parents, friends, family members) instead of focusing on improving her projects in a way that pleases her! In reality, I think we all have met people such as my relative. They are full of talents and are very brilliant people, yet they try to listen to others when they should listen to their mind and heart.

It is very general, and no one is better than the other.

Finally, success is broad and inclusive. As I mentioned in the first point, it is hard to narrow success or classify it. In fact, if you asked any successful individual, they will tell you about the sleepless nights they had in the past. They will tell you about the many times they thought of quitting, yet they haven’t. And most importantly, they will tell you about the plans that took them hours and hours of their time and efforts when they were all fails. Thus, nobody is better or smarter. If one people can succeed, another can as well. a successful person is someone continually growing and learning, specially learning from mistakes. To be completely honest, achieving your ultimate goal shouldn’t be your the main focus during the process, but how you keep that glory flourishing is something to consider earlier before its too late.

19 thoughts on “Success is relative, and that is okay!

  1. Great post! So true. Itโ€™s a difficult choice to define what success is on an individual level because then you have to validate yourself instead of looking for validation on the outside.
    Great reminder! ๐Ÿ‘

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