Passing by Malham! (Photos)

A month ago, I was heading northwest of Riyadh and on the road I passed by a small village called Malham. Malham is 50 km away from Riyadh. Although there weren’t much to see at Malham, I have found few old buildings that captured my attention! This house, for example, I am assuming is probably 150 years old. Part of it is still standing though, pretty impressive!

In Najd, you find abounded mud houses here and there. I am not sure if they exist in the north too, but I am assuming they do; because mud houses were built in desert regions in Saudi Arabia. You probably won’t find them south or west, at least not like the ones in Najd. But the question is why people here used to build mud houses. Well, it was for many reasons. One of the reasons for example was mud was accessible due to the geopolitical location. Two, mud houses proved cooler air inside the house, which is very essential in these hot and dry climate!

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