Get back on track with your life

I was listening to Lavendaire podcast, while I was working the other day. The anchor, Aileen, was talking about motivation and how to get back on track with your life and overall goals. I felt the subject was pretty interesting because I was recently feeling unmotivated and lost somehow. Despite having a crazy busy schedule, I was glad I had the time to set and listen. and honestly, It was refreshing! It felt as if I’ve opened the windows inside my soul to get some fresh air! Anyways, without any further ado, here are the main highlights mentioned in the podcast and my personal thoughts on them:

Forgive yourself for getting off track.

Sometimes we blame ourselves for not following with a plan we set. This is not helping, if we are aiming to fix a weakness or grow. In fact, it brings the opposite results. It provoke so much negativity and hinders creativity. It makes it difficult to get back up and move. So, you should forgive yourself for falling off track sometimes. At the end, we are human. People make mistakes. So, treat yourself gently, as if you were helping a dear friend to heal.

Review your “why” – why you set this goal?

It is substantial to understand before starting your journey, why you are making this change? why you want to achieve a specific objective? Knowing why you want to obtain this and not that, guides you towards better outcomes and towards continues growth, in my opinion. Linking your goal to a significant reason, motivates you to to utilize your best skills and knowledge. As well as building trust with yourself that you are capable of doing such and such, is equally important for multiple reasons. One of them, you will build confidence in you that whatever you put your mind into, you will reach it. The other reason, with you being confident, others will perceive you as trust worthy and will trust that you will do what you say.

Make it fun, Make it visual

Have you ever wondered why when you plan a trip to a place you like to visit, it often exceeds your expectations. Moreover, it even ,surprisingly, ends up being so much joyful than what you have imaged. I think, it is because it was planned while considering all the positive outcomes and possibilities in mind, regarding the trip. Thus, you may have visualized all the pleasant things you would like to do, see and explore! This attitude towards planning an objective, makes it more appealing and fun; and therefore, it may be easily achieved.

Celebrate your small wins and start small

Small wins and big wins, are all wins, regardless of the size of its impact. Remember, you are competing against the older version of yourself and all types of growth is what you are aiming for. In fact, I highly recommend focusing on improving via small progress, to avoid overwhelming yourself (Eventually, step by step, you reach your ultimate goal). For example, when I decided to start my health coaching career, I was terrified! Although I have the education, skills and personality traits that qualifies me to “Just do it,” I hesitated very much. All I was thinking of were the “what if’s;” what if I failed, what if people didn’t believe in me, what if it wasn’t worth the time and effort… and the list goes on. I kept having endless doubts, until I actually began to see physical results. I started small. I used to receive one or two patients per month. Regardless, I pushed myself and kept going and celebrated even the smallest win with something I liked. Sometimes I wrote what I have accomplished on a sticky note and placed it in front of me on my desk. Other times, I bought myself flowers because I loved flowers! You will be wondered how this simple form of motivation brings you closer to your bigger goal.

Focus on the feelings

Focus on the feelings you want to feel after you achieve a specific goal. It is important because feelings can be generated within. For example, you want to lose weight in a specific timeline. Set a plan one how and when you want to reach that goal and pay attention to how are you feeling, while in the process. You might feel energetic, happy, healthy, productive.. etc. And those type of feelings are all positive and great. Therefore, make a list of the things you want to do (later on when you finish this goal) to bring those feelings back to motivate you more to accomplish even more goals in the future. Pleasant feelings always enhance growth, always!

Embrace imperfection and resilience.

Life isn’t perfect. Understand you are always ‘work in progress.’ To expect that you will always get all the tasks you plan for done right, isn’t normal. What’s normal, or should I say “realistic,” you will get off tack pretty often. The main focus here is to understand that when you fall, get up and get back to where you stopped. Thus, instead off going hard on yourself for having imperfections, embrace that and learn how to improve what you think needs to be improved in you, yet one step at a time. Slow progress is part of the progress, too.

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    1. Yes I do! ☺️
      Honestly, I’ve been only listening to the Lavendaire podcast for years and that’s why I’ve mentioned it here. If I happen and found an interesting podcast channel later on, I would definitely mention it in my future posts.

      Thanks Avuma for your feedback, I very much appreciate it. 🙂

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