Get back on track with your life

I was listening to Lavendaire podcast, while I was working the other day. The anchor, Aileen, was talking about motivation and how to get back on track with your life and overall goals. I felt the subject was pretty interesting because I was recently feeling unmotivated and lost somehow. Despite having a crazy busy schedule, … Continue reading Get back on track with your life

Visiting Luray Caverns in Virginia.

Part of my journey exploring Virginia, I wanted to visit Luray Caverns in the north west; since I found out about this mesmerizing place! It is the largest caverns in the east part of all the U.S. However, once you go there, you will discover that the caves are actually underneath the ground in length. It … Continue reading Visiting Luray Caverns in Virginia.

How I stay relaxed in a hectic week!

In this crazy busy life, dedicating time to relax is very important to me. I see people cursing, complaining, or having such a negative attitudes daily and I don't want to reach that level one day. Dealing with a person who is already stressed out is scary. However, giving people excuses when they behave poorly … Continue reading How I stay relaxed in a hectic week!