Do you have travel anxiety?

Anxiety, is the intense feeling of fear a person experience when they are under stress. Some of the symptoms of anxiety are sweating, having an increase in heart rate, trembling, dizziness and more. Similar to anxiety, travel anxiety is a result, in my opinion, of overthinking and stress. So, what is "travel anxiety"? Travel anxiety, … Continue reading Do you have travel anxiety?

9 Places to visit in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C, is the capital city of the United States of America. It is home for presidents of the U.S, government officials and politicians in general. Although Washington is located in the state of district of Columbia, the surrounding parts of Maryland and Virginia states are normally included, socially speaking, as part of d.c. Locals … Continue reading 9 Places to visit in Washington, D.C.

5 Tips on how to stay healthy while traveling.

Now that traveling ban has been lifted in some countries, people started planning their future trips since. You might be waiting impatiently for your aesthetic destination near the beach or counting the days until your next business trip to a hectic city you've always dreamed to visit. Traveling could be fun or stressful depending on … Continue reading 5 Tips on how to stay healthy while traveling.

Visiting Luray Caverns in Virginia.

Part of my journey exploring Virginia, I wanted to visit Luray Caverns in the north west; since I found out about this mesmerizing place! It is the largest caverns in the east part of all the U.S. However, once you go there, you will discover that the caves are actually underneath the ground in length. It … Continue reading Visiting Luray Caverns in Virginia.

5 Things to pack in your carry-on for long flights.

Anyone who travels a lot, has a list of essential items (Other than the regular daily routine) they take with them on their carry-on. However, each traveler has a different opinion on what's necessary and what's not. For me, someone who has been on long flights for several years now, I almost never travel without … Continue reading 5 Things to pack in your carry-on for long flights.